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Available Services

Tasting consultation

Tasting packages are delivered or shipped out to you.! This option allows more flexibility in scheduling, as well as being Covid cautious. 

*contents are frozen if shipped


Cake Tasting:


  • Choice of up to 5 cake , 5 filling, and 5 buttercream flavors

  • Components are separated to allow you to mix and match flavors to create your perfect combination.

Dessert Tasting:


  • Choice of up to 5 desserts 

*some treats are not available for shipping ​


Cake + Dessert tasting:


  • Includes everything in both packages. 

*pricing does not include delivery fees or shipping.


Cake Cutting

Imo's Bakery LLC is happy to be a part of your event! 


For cake cutting services we will come to an agreement about a timeline for your event. Imo's Bakery will set up, and stay at your event until it's time to cut the cake. If the event is running behind other arrangements will have to be made. We recommend factoring this in prior to booking this service.​​  

Service Charge: $20/hr 

Equipment Rental

To make your event as seamless as possible, Imo's Bakery LLC offers small selection of dessert displays and cake stands.


Rental options available:

Option 1

  • Imo's Bakery will arrive early to your event and set up. After the event, you will be responsible for cleaning and collecting all rented items.

  • A box will be provided with an affixed pre-paid shipping label to return the equipment. All boxes must be returned by using USPS.  You have up to three days after your event to ship out the equipment. 

  • If rental equipment is returned late we will charge $15 per day for up to three days. After three days we will assume that the equipment will not be returned, and we will charge the full cost amount of equipment with the secured card on file ( or whichever amount is greater).

Option 2

  • Imo's Bakery will arrive early to your event and set up. We will collect our equipment from your event at an agreed-upon time. 

  • You will be responsible for removing leftover desserts BEFORE the set time of collection. If desserts are not removed we will dispose of them while collecting our equipment. 

  • A service fee is applied to this option that will cover a secondary delivery fee, time to break down the dessert table, and collect all items. All fees are discussed and invoiced prior to booking this service. 

If there are missing and/or damages to the equipment that did not preexist when leased we have the right to charge up to the full price of the items, depending on the severity of damages with the secured card on file. 

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