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Kiss the Chef...

But not literally

Hangul: 이모

English: Imo (ee-moh)


Imo's Bakery LLC is a small batch bakery that specializes in flavor pairings.  We love to make complex flavors make sense to create delectable art.

Imo's Bakery is ServSafe Certified and Insured! What does that mean for you? It's another protective layer to serve our client's safe food. We take foodborne illness seriously, and we want you all to know that your safety comes first.  Just because we are a home-based bakery, does not mean that we are taking any shortcuts. 

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My Story

     Hi All! My name is Mina. Just to give a brief background about me, I graduated from Johnson & Wales University, and honed my baking skills in the culinary industry. After a decade, I decided put down my apron to make a name for myself with Imo's Bakery LLC! 

    The name "Imo" is a homage to honoring a part of my biracial heritage.  In the Korean language, Hangul, Imo means "Aunt".  Growing up, all of my aunts were the bakers in the family.  Following this unspoken family tradition, I am now the Aunt that took over the family craft of baking.  My goal is to elevate baking in unique flavor pairings.  I love introducing new flavors to people, and I definitely believe that food is a Love Language!

    Imo's Bakery LLC is sincerely honored to be a part of your special occasion.  We would love to work with you to create something tasty and memorable.  Got a sweet tooth?  Click below to view our delicious desserts. 



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. 

Located in Leesburg, FL. Serving all of Central Florida counties 

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